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Ee-Jay Motors Transports, Inc. was founded by E. J. Dougherty in 1953. In 1957 Ee-Jay built and operated a liquid petroleum wax storage and blending facility that was designed by Socony-Mobil Oil Corp. Customers included Mobil, Sun Oil Co., Gulf and a number of brokers.

While most of the wax was destined to dairies via Ee-Jay truck and used to coat the cardboard milk carton, much of the wax was blended and packaged in fiber drums for shipment to a wide variety of end users from candle makers to tri nitro toluene (TNT) dynamite stick manufacturers.

Interestingly, Ee-Jay delivers plastic pellets for the molding of milk bottles today to the same dairies it delivered liquid petroleum wax to nearly 50 years earlier. Ee-Jay offers transloading, delivery, warehousing and packaging to customers across the US and Canada.

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Ee-Jay has been involved in ex-rail movements of bulk commodities since 1953. Over 6,000 truck loads originate at Ee-Jay annually representing a 1500 jumbo railcar through put. Our terminal management has an average employment date of 1977 making them experienced industry leaders in the safe and proper handling of bulk commodities.


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Ee-Jay Motor Transports, Inc. receives recognition from the National Tank Truck Carriers Association for safety on a regular basis in all competitive categories and has received quality performance awards from all shipper customers it serves that grade their vendors.
Ee-Jay is a participating member of Operation Clean Sweep.

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Sister Julia
We regularly participate in projects to bring Drug and Alcohol Awareness to inner-city youths with local civic and fraternal organizations by sponsoring the distribution of thousands of items of Drug Awareness paraphernalia into the local community. In addition, we also contribute to urban day care centers and aid to the elderly in neighborhood housing projects.


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